Beauty Pageants

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Children love playing dress up because they look and feel pretty in their colorful gowns. They feel even better when they earn beautiful crowns and awards. Children beauty pageants have seen a boost in popularity now that they are featured on reality television shows. Glitz pageant judges expect the contestants to dress up in poofy dresses.

The dress needs to exude glamour and her charm, so when purchasing a dress for a pageant there are a few things to consider. First, you need to find a color and dress that compliments your daughter’s beauty. How she looks and feels in the dress enables the child to feel confident as they compete for the supreme titles. Judges will look at the fit of the dress. The dress cannot be too loose or too tight. Girls feel comfortable in dresses that are properly fitted, they look better, and earn high marks with the judges. Just as important as the dress is the footwear. When purchasing your dress from Alegria, don’t forget to pick up white socks with lace, and white shoes to complete the look.


You’ll find glamorous dresses in a variety of styles and colors as well as matching accessories in the Alegria Kids collection. The dresses are esquisitely made and will last several pageants. Give us a call and order yours today.

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